How to stop cats coming into the garden?

Image of a cat
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We are a nation of pet lovers, however some people out there choose not to have any.

Why should you put up with your neighbour’s cat fouling in your garden or your cat fouling in theirs?

Cats are known to destroy gardens by ripping up the felt on a shed roof, jumping and weakening fence panels and pooping all over the garden.

If you are not a pet lover, this can be a real nuisance.

Let’s face it, cat faeces is not a good fertiliser either.  Cats tend to go back to the same spot and cleaning the area is not always possible.

If you have a fish pond, you will need to get it covered to protect your fish.

If you have a cat problem in your garden here is the most humane and only way to deal with it:

This humane repellant fires a 5 second burst of water when its sensor is triggered and it re-sets itself after every activation.

You will never have a cat problem in your garden EVER again or any other animal large enough to set off its sensor.

It protects your lawn, beds, trees and it waters your lawn whilst you are at work too!

It is highly sensitive so if a family pet or family member also wanders onto your lawn, it/they will get a soaking!

If you want to put an end to picking up cat/fox poo when you don’t have a pet yourself, this is the one.  We cannot highly recommend it enough!

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