How to get rid of damp

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How to get rid of damp

Damp can be a serious problem for your home and health.  If left untreated, the growth of moulds can affect the structure of your home and can be extremely dangerous to your health if left untreated.  So, how to get rid of damp?

Follow our guide:

  1. Check your damp proof course with a damp professional company.  Damp-proof courses stop moisture rising up from the ground into your home.  All new houses should have a damp proof course, but if your home is very old, it may not, or it may no longer be working properly. Talk to an expert if you are concerned that you may have damp.  There are many ways of dealing with it, and the sooner you tackle the problem, the less it will cost.  Contact the Property Care Association, they have specialists all over the UK.
  2. Check to see whether you have any broken or damaged roof tiles.  If you find that you do, get someone in to repair it.
  3. Check your windows, are they leaking?  If they are, look to getting them replaced.
  4. Check your gutters, if they are blocked, they could be causing water to spill down external walls and areas outside your property.  You should get them checked and cleared as soon as possible.
  5. Check whether you have any leaks in the bathroom or kitchen.  If there is a leak, check your insurance policy documents.  You may find that this issue is covered under your buildings insurance particularly if you have had an escape of water in the property.  For guidance on how to report it to your insurer click here.

How to prevent damp:

  1. Regularly check the roof, walls and drainage system in your home.
  2. Check windows and plumbing for any leaks.
  3. Clear your guttering regularly.
  4. Make sure your home has ventilation in the kitchen and bathroom where you dry your laundry or when bathing.
  5. Install an extractor fan in the bathroom.
  6. Open windows when drying clothes.
  7. Place absorbent strips on windowsills.
  8. Place silica containers that attract moisture.
  9. Install a dehumidifier in your property.
  10. If dark coloured mold appears on the walls, put on some gloves and wipe the area down with bleach keeping the windows open for at least two hours afterwards (ensure you read the label on the product before using). Get a contractor in to look at the area affected.

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