How to stop foxes coming into your garden

How to stop foxes coming into the garden
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How to stop foxes coming into your garden

If you have ever come across a fox in your garden, particularly if you have children with you, it can be quite a daunting moment for some.  This guide with help you determine the best way to stop foxes coming into your garden using a variety of humane fox deterrents including smells that deter foxes, humane water deterrents, humane infrared motion detectors and products that will stop a fox using your fence to gain access to your outside space.  So how to stop foxes coming into your garden?

More foxes are living in urban areas looking for food.  Generally, some foxes are not a risk to children, however, there have been some incidents in the media that may suggest otherwise. To be on the safe side, always be vigilant around foxes where your children are concerned.

It goes without saying that family pets including rabbits, chickens and guinea pigs are at risk from this type of animal.  The good news is that there is a humane and effective way of eradicating them from your garden for good.

We had a serious fox issue that went on for months in the Summer of 2012. The smell coming from the garden from the fox faeces and urine on the grass and other areas of the garden was awful.  We tried leaving lion manure around the garden, we used a fox repellent spray and even tried installing a battery-operated radio at the end of the garden, but the smell was there the next day along with the faeces so they probably ended up inviting their foxy family and friends over for a party instead of scaring them off!

Don’t get us wrong, we are not fox haters.  We had a little family of foxes in our garden and we waited for the babies to get older before we looked into the situation ourselves.

What smells deter foxes

Foxes do not like white vinegar or cayenne pepper so if you place small bowls of white vinegar and sprinkle cayenne pepper where the foxes get into the garden, they will not hang around for too long!

Follow our guide:

  1. Keep your garden clear of rubbish and keep it tidy.
  2. Hose down any animal faeces you find in your garden daily.  You can add a little citronella to the water as this will neutralise any smells they leave.  Please note, if you have a cat or dog, citronella can be toxic so do please check before you use it.
  3. Place small bowls of white vinegar where the foxes get into the garden.  They don’t like the smell!
  4. In areas of your garden where they like to sit (on top of the shed, where they defecate, hidden areas where they like to sleep (under bushes etc) and where they come into the garden), sprinkle a good measure of cayenne pepper.  Foxes do not like cayenne pepper.
  5. Every other day move things around the garden, this will disturb a fox as they like their territory to remain the same.
  6. Keep hedging/bushes and trees trimmed and the grass cut regularly.
  7. If you can see an area where they like to hide or sleep, place something large in front of it, keep disturbing the area.  Eventually, they will not want to use it.
  8. Invest in some fence/wall spikes.  Place them on top of walls or fences in your outside space, foxes find these uncomfortable to walk on.
  9. Invest in a humane water-based deterrent and/or a repeller that emits a high-frequency sound.
  10. Pour male human urine in the areas where the fox sits/congregates with other foxes or where they defecate.
  11. If foxes have damaged your fence, click here.

Products you need:

Defenders Jet Spray Repeller Motion Activated Fox Deterrent

Defenders Jet Spray Fox Repellent
Defenders Jet Spray Fox Repellent

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This device is incredibly simple to set up, all you need to do is connect it to a garden hose.  After installing this device in the back garden, foxes will no longer be an issue.  This battery-operated device fires a short 5-second burst of water when its sensor is triggered.  After a short period of time, the animal stays away so you will not need to turn it on.  It protects your home, pets, flowers, trees and it waters your lawn in the Summer whilst you are at work too!  It is highly sensitive so if a family pet and/or family member wanders onto your lawn, they will get a soaking too!

In any event, if you want to put an end to picking up fox/cat poo when you don’t have a pet yourself, this is the one!  We cannot highly recommend it enough and this is definitely a pivotal item of kit if you want help with how to stop foxes coming into your garden.

Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler


Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler
Orbit 62100 Yard Enforcer Motion Activated Sprinkler

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If you have a larger garden, the Orbit Yard Enforcer is the easiest and most effective way to keep animals away from the garden, repel foxes, dogs, cats and other animals off the lawn.  This product offers a level of simplicity and control.  The Yard Enforcer motion-activated sprinkler is the proven way to protect a 1600 square foot area.  Their motto is don’t hurt em, just squirt em.  Humanely repels animals and keeps them out of plants, yards and gardens using a harmless spray of water.  24-hour protection when you want it.  Simply press spike into soil or turf to firmly hold the Yard Enforcer in place.  Sprays up to 70 feet in diameter, covering 3,840 square feet when set to a full circle.  Includes sensing technology for optimum water and battery conservation; get over 7,500 activation cycles on just 4 AA alkaline batteries and as little as 2 cups of water per activation.  Intelligent Sensing technology learns the difference between trees and animals, so your water will not activate every time the wind blows.

Pestbye® Battery Operated Motion Activated Waterproof Animal Repellent

Pestbye Fox Repellent
Pestbye Fox Repellent

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If you do not have an outside tap and hose, this device works beautifully (we have these on our driveway).  This safe and humane way to keep foxes, cats and other unwanted pests out of your outside space.  With an infrared PIR motion, each sensor detects the movement and body heat (reducing fake activation, extending battery life) up to 7m away activating the repeller to emit a high-frequency sound, that is almost inaudible to humans.  Includes zinc coated ground stake and tab for fitting directly to a wall or fence.  This repellent is fully weatherproof.  The device requires 4 x AA Batteries and battery life varies depending on activations but feedback from customers varies between 6 weeks to several months.

Garden Fence/Wall Anti Climb Spikes

Anti climb fence spikes
Anti-climb fence spikes

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These anti-climb wall/fence spikes are made from 99% post-consumer plastic waste that has been recycled and come in a range of colours to suit your structure.  This product provides an effective deterrent against cats and other animals using your fence to gain access to your outside space.  An added bonus is that it could deter intruders too!  The product includes warning signs.  Fits to tops of fences, gates, pipes, walls, sills etc. Designed to deliver maximum discomfort but minimum harm.  The unique multi-hinge design allows easy fixing to angled surfaces.  The strips measure 500mm x 45mm x 15mm (50mm longer than other brands) with UV sunlight & frost protection.  An ideal deterrent against animals & birds whilst being discrete and not ruining garden views, multiple colours available.  Can Be screwed, nailed or glued to your structure.  This product is intended to be a none lethal visual deterrent to prevent intruders and deter unwanted animal visitors.

Citronella Oil

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Steam distilled, Citronella Essential Oil (Cymbopogan winterianus) that is refreshing and cleansing with a strong, lemon scent.  Dilute at a percentage of 1% of the finished blend, typically 20 drops or 1ml of essential oil to 100ml of carrier oil.  Do Not Use Undiluted on the skin.

White Vinegar

Natural White Vinegar
Natural White Vinegar

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Natural White Vinegar is useful in getting rid of garden weeds, odours and limescale to name a few whilst having none of the side effects which are typically associated with cleaning products. This product leaves no nasty toxic chemicals and fumes behind. A perfect environmentally friendly way to put foxes off coming into the garden.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper

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Foxes DO NOT like cayenne pepper.  The foxes in our garden liked to lounge on the top of the shed and would walk around the sides of it.  The smell was horrendous so we hosed the roof of the shed, left it to dry, then tossed 2 large tablespoons of cayenne pepper on the top and around the base of the shed.  We do this every 3-4 days and so far, it has kept them off it.  In areas of your garden where they like to sit (on top of the shed, where they defecate, hidden areas where they like to sleep (under bushes etc) and where they come into the garden), sprinkle a good measure of this to keep them away from those areas.  This is a really good fox deterrent.

We hope you found our how to stop foxes coming into your garden guide useful.

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