How to get rid of bedbugs

How to get rid of bedbugs
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How to get rid of bedbugs

Bedbugs are blood-sucking insects that can live in clothing, bedding, mattresses and furniture.  Bedbugs love body heat mixed with carbon dioxide.  So, how to get rid of bedbugs?

At night they feed on your exposed skin, similar to mosquitoes. Depending on the person being bitten, you can develop a skin reaction of itchy red bumps up to 30 minutes after being bitten.  These bumps can last for several days and even weeks if the problem is left untreated.

Bedbugs are not dangerous and they do not transmit disease.

Bedbugs are able to crawl from room to room, they can potentially invade all areas of your home or neighbouring properties if in the same complex. Bedbugs can be transported in your suitcase too so if you are travelling, you may find unwanted guests holidaying with you.

Follow our guide:

  1. Empty all drawers/wardrobes of clothes and remove all bedding from the bed. Take down curtains.
  2. Wash everything (if possible) at 60 degrees.
  3. Dry everything (if possible) in a tumble dryer for at least 30 minutes.
  4. Using a vacuum cleaner, hoover the room(s) affected including the bed frame, headboards and carpets.
  5. Place hoover bag in a sealed bag, place outside of your home ready to be collected by the bin men.
  6. Using diatomaceous earth powder, a protective suit, gloves and face mask, place the powder in a powder duster.  Sprinkle every corner of the room affected covering all the carpet, mattresses, draws and wardrobes.  Open the window and close the door for the rest of the day.  After at least six hours hoover all the powder up over every inch of the room.
  7. Steam clean the carpet or any rugs.  This will ensure that any bugs and eggs left after vacuuming will be eradicated).
  8. Using cleaning fluid and hot water, wipe the bed frame getting into all the crevices.
  9. Using cleaning fluid and hot water, wipe all drawers and wardrobes with cleaning fluid and hot water.
  10. We recommend you replace your mattress.
  11. If replacing your mattress is not an option, you can dust it with diatomaceous earth powder in a well-ventilated room then steam clean the mattress.  You can then purchase a bedbug mattress protector to use once the mattress is completely dry.

How to use a powder duster

We hope you found our how to get rid of bedbugs guide useful.

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