How to get rid of flies

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How to get rid of flies

Keeping flies out of your house can be quite difficult during the Summer months because we do love to keep the windows open.  However, you still can prevent flies from coming into your home if you follow a few simple tricks.

You really don’t need to spend lots of money on loads of different products to combat flies in your house or garden.  We regularly eat outside in the garden throughout the Summer months and we find using Citronella Candles does the trick.  Simply get yourself some of these and a nice candle holder and you’re ready to go!

If you are a little uncomfortable using candles inside your home, you can also use Citronella essential oil in an essential oil diffuser.  See below for guidance.

Follow our guide:

  1. Buy some Citronella Candles.  Once lit, these candles keep flies away and can be used in the garden too when having a BBQ or evening meal outside.
  2. If you are nervous about using candles around your home, buy some Citronella oil and place a few drops in an essential oil diffuser.
  3. Wipe surfaces after spills, cooking and eating and don’t leave dirty dishes out after eating.
  4. Keep food completely sealed and stored in cupboards.
  5. Keep floors swept and clear of leftover crumbs and food.
  6. Keep floors clear of pet food, never leave pet food in bowls overnight.
  7. Purchase a Brabantia bin with a closed lid and empty it often (we have had ours since 2006 and it is still in perfect working order).

Citronella Candles (click on the image below to view)


You can really make a statement by using beautiful candle holders together with your citronella candles when you are dining on the patio or terrace or even whilst camping!

Candle Holders (click on each individual image to view prices)
These candleholders by Vincigant give your home or office a little elegance when using them with citronella candles.  Not only will it help your space become fly free, but its amber glow will also give it a special interior design experience.  The transparent candle holder bowls are made of high quality octagonal K9 crystal beads and come with superior black flannel anti-skid floor mats to prevent abrasive contact with furniture.

These stunning candleholders by Vincigant are made of high quality octagonal K9 crystals.  Beautifully fashioned in a trendy lofty cylinder shape, combining the elegant sheen of lustrous metal with sparkling magic of selected acrylic crystals.  These cylinder candle holders are perfect on any type of flat surface.

The modern design of this arch candle holder is inspired by an iron bridge. With a crossover arch shape, it ensures the holder is solid and stable.  The Upper 3 individual cylinder candle holder is made of high quality octagonal K9 crystal beads and come with superior black flannel anti-skid floor mats to prevent abrasive contact with furniture.

Beautifully fashioned in trendy lofty wine glass shape, these beautiful beaded crystal candle holders feature rows and rows of glinting beaded K9 crystals in a luxurious metal wireframe for a pure royal look and feel.  Combining the surreal sheen of lustrous metal with sparkling magic of acrylic crystals, these candle holders will add a touch of imperial elegance to your inside or outside dining space.

Citronella Oil (click here for prices)

Citronella essential oil has a sharp citrus/lemongrass aroma and is pale yellow in colour, and is extracted from a tough grass via steam distillation.  It is most commonly known as an effective mosquito and fly repellent but it also has other uses.  Citronella oil is also reported to have anti-inflammatory properties along with calming and soothing effects. Citronella essential oil contains antibacterial properties, it’s extremely effective when it comes to fighting bacteria that can cause acne.

Humidifier (click to view on Amazon)

Essential oils can be used in this and most other humidifiers on the market (click here to see others) to keep flies out of any room in the house.  Humidifiers improve health, skin, mood, sleep and focus.

It adds moisture to the air of any room, it can help you to breathe better, cough less and prevent dry sinuses, nosebleeds as well as dry skin.

Brabantia Bin (click to view on Amazon)

These bins are the best on the market at the moment.  Using this type of bin will stop flies buzzing around your bin.  We have had our touch to open bin for 12 years now and have had no issues.  Brabantia is renown for bringing quality design to homeware.  Offering practical solutions for waste management that combine design and quality.  If you have any problems with a Brabantia bin, the customer service team are always open to repairing it, unlike other companies.

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