How to make eyelash extensions last longer

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How to make eyelash extensions last longer is an easy process.

Nothing beats waking up with glamorous eyelash extensions but to keep them intact for weeks on end can be a chore at times.

Eye lash strips only last a day and at times are not easy to apply so most women now opt for eyelash extensions that last a couple of weeks.

Image courtesy of Nurture Beauty
Image courtesy of Nurture Beauty

I have individual lashes applied to my own lashes by Angie at Nurture Beauty.  They last a good two to three weeks because of some very helpful tricks:

Eye lash brushes.  Keep your lashes nice and neat by using an eyelash brush.  Just give them a light brush.  Don’t be too rough with them, just a light brush will do.  Always keep one in your handbag.

Don’t touch! Never touch your lashes with your fingers.  The oil and dirt from your fingers will make them come loose.  If you get a lash that comes out of sync, grab your eyelash brush to put it straight.

Washing Your Face. When washing your face, ensure your bathroom window is open.  Lashes do not like steam.

Spa Treatments. Never go for a sauna when you have eyelash extensions, again lashes do not like steam.

Avoid Sun Cream around the eye lid.  When using sun cream or any face cream, avoid your eyelash extensions completely.  Work the cream around your face carefully avoiding that area.

Irritations can occur.  If they irritate you, use baby oil and carefully wipe your lashes to make them come loose, never pull them out or you will damage your natural lashes.

Showering, bathing and swimming.  Wear a snorkel!  It does look a bit crazy when you do it, but this really works.  When bathing or showering, just place the snorkel over your face and nose, make sure you do not breathe out through your nose or you will create steam inside the snorkel.  Place the strap over your head and place it at the back of your neck under your hairline (so you can wash the back of your hair too!).  You can then wash and condition your hair without your lashes getting wet.  Don’t forget to take a snorkel with you on your holiday or travels, this is a must essential if you have eyelash extensions!

Can I get eyelash extensions wet?

For the first 24 hours do not get them wet at all.  After that, do your utmost to keep them dry.  When wet, lashes feel heavier and can come loose.  If you do get them wet, do not rub your eyes, softly pat your eyes with a soft towel.

Can I wash them?

Yes, but you must use baby shampoo and a pore cleansing brush.  Directions: dilute a small amount of baby shampoo with water.  Dab the pore cleansing brush into the solution and very carefully wipe the eye lid above the lashes.  You can use a make up brush to clean debris for heavy make up wearers.

Can I wear eye make up with them?

You should not apply mascara to eyelash extensions.  You can however wear eyeshadow etc, but bear in mind that if you need to use a cream to remove it, you could end up getting some on your lashes which could affect the glue holding them to your natural lashes.

What if my eyes are sensitive?

A good beautician should have a glue available for sensitive eyes.