How to get rid of carpet beetles

Image of a carpet beetle
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Carpet beetles will eat anything that is made of fabric in your home.  All four types of carpet beetles love to eat fabric, hair, dead animals, wooly jumpers, fur and plants.  Black carpet beetles are the most dangerous and most commonly found.

The four types are:

Carpet beetles like to live under upholstered furniture, under carpets and floorboards and around doors.

How to get rid of carpet beetles:

  1. Empty all drawers/wardrobes of clothes and remove all bedding from the bed. Take down curtains.
  2. Wash everything (if possible) at 60 degrees.
  3. Dry everything (if possible) in a tumble dryer for at least 30 minutes.
  4. Using a vacuum cleaner, hoover the room(s) affected including bed frame, headboards and carpets.
  5. Place hoover bag in a sealed bag, place outside of your home ready to be collected by the bin men.
  6. Steam clean the carpet or any rugs.  This will ensure that any carpet beetles and larva left after vacuuming will be eradicated).
  7. Using cleaning fluid and hot water, wipe the bed frame getting into all the crevices.
  8. Using cleaner fluid and hot water, wipe all drawers and wardrobes with cleaning fluid and hot water.
  9. In a well ventilated area steam clean the mattress, spray it with carpet beetle killer.

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