How to get rid of Verrucas

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How to get rid of Verrucas

Verrucas (verrucae) are rough small flat or raised lumps that usually appear on the feet that can be contagious.  They have tiny black dots under the skin and can be quite painful when walking.  Some people have only one, others can have a cluster over a wide area of the foot (including in-between toes).  So how to get rid of verrucas quickly?

Verrucas can take months or years to go away on their own, however, there are products on the market that can help speed up the process.

When our daughter, unfortunately, contracted one at the swimming baths, I attempted to remove it with a scalpel.  The verruca bled and spread to other parts of the foot.  I tried taping it with duct tape, filing them and bathing in bath salts but they held firm to the bottom of the foot.

I followed a few simple steps and managed to get rid of the stubborn verrucas within three weeks.

Before you follow our guide, please check with your GP or health professional that it is safe for you to do so.

Everyone reacts differently to any type of treatment and it may take a longer or shorter time with each person.  You may find that this treatment may not work for you, however, we feel confident that all of the methods we used in our guide below helped me to get rid of my verrucas three weeks of following it, rather than leaving it to heal by itself.

Follow our guide:

  1. Have a hot bath and immediately afterwards, lightly file each verruca with an emery board.
  2. Read the instructions carefully that is contained inside the Bazuka sub-zero box before applying it to each verruca.
  3. Within three weeks you should see that all your verrucas are gone.

This was the best verruca treatment that actually got rid of it once and for all!

Products you need:


Bazuka Sub Zero
Bazuka Sub Zero

Buy here

Things to remember:

  1. Always use a fresh clean towel every time you have a bath or shower when you have verrucas.
  2. Put on fresh clean socks until the verrucas disappear.
  3. If the verrucas come into direct contact with your bedding or dressing gown at any time, put them straight in the wash.
  4. Don’t try to pull out a verruca with tweezers.  If you make it bleed, it can spread to other parts of the foot.

How do you know when a Verruca is dying?

You can tell when a Verruca is dying because it starts to shed away from the foot and changes from a darker to a lighter colour.

We hope you found our how to get rid of Verrucas guide helpful.

If you choose to follow this guide*, we cannot be held liable or responsible.  It is only a guide, we are not medical professionals.

*All our guides are generated from real-life experience.  This article contains links to other websites, the content(s) of which we cannot be held responsible for.  Where possible, we have added affiliate links to specific products or services we have purchased or used ourselves.   You can find these products and services without using the links contained in the article.  In order to sustain the website so that we can write these articles, we may use affiliate links.  If no affiliate link is available, we will directly search the item and link it back to the product or service.  This guide was written from first-hand experience when we wanted to know how to get rid of Verrucas.

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