What are the best fence panels?

Fence panels
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What are the best fence panels?

After this weeks terrible weather, you may be looking at your existing battered and blown over garden fencing.  If you need to replace them, now is the time to research exactly what are the best fence panels.  We installed scaffold board fencing a few years back and they have stood the test of time through each winter.

When looking to replace your garden fence, you need to decide the following first:

  1. What is your budget?
  2. Can you do it yourself or do you need a contractor to do it?
  3. How high do you want to go?  This is particularly important if you have a south facing garden.  If you go too high, it may place parts of your garden heavily in the shade for different parts of the day.
  4. How will you maintain it?  If you are elderly or work long hours and need your weekends to recover, you need to keep that in mind.  The upkeep and regular maintenance of a fence can be quite tiring and costly.
  5. If you have cats in your garden, you will need to install a hard wearing and durable fence.  The constant jumping on the fence, can weaken it if the concrete posts are not installed correctly.

Here are our favourites:

1. Scaffold board fencing:

Designed and built by PRHenryBuilder.

Scaffold boards are a heavy duty of way of erecting a fence.  Long lasting and durable, they will not need much maintenance.  You can paint or apply a good quality wood preserver if desired, but the best effect is when left to nature. All that is required is concrete posts to be put in place, then panels can either by slotted in or you could ask your builder to design something shown in the photograph above. Concrete posts cost around £20 each.  You can pick up scaffold boards for approximately £8-13 per board.  You can get scaffold boards from Lawsons, their delivery service is great and they worked with us on a loft extension project.  For this design 80 scaffold board’s and 15 concrete posts were used for a 90ft garden.  We highly recommend them!

2. Closeboard fences:

Close board fencing
Close board fencing

These type of fences are ideal for giving your back garden much needed privacy from overlooking neighbours.  These fences are strong and can be purchased up to 6 feet tall. You can purchase a kit that comes with ready made panels for approximately £150.  You will need to use concrete or wooden gravel board at the base of the fence, you can pick these up for approximately £5-£15.  If you use a good quality wood preserver, this type of fence will last for many years.

3. Lap Panel Fences:

Lap panel

The most commonly used fence panel.  These can be purchased in panels from your local DIY store and are easy to install if you are doing this yourself.  All that is required is concrete posts be put in place then panels can be slotted in. Concrete posts cost around £20 each.  The panels will require regular application of a good quality wood preserver coating or a colour stain to keep them in good condition.  Price per panel varies, but you can pick them up for approximately £20 per panel.
4. Picket fence:

Picket fence

This type of fence does not offer much privacy, but it can be a much cheaper option if funds are limited.  You will need to apply a good quality colour stain once installed or a good quality wood preserver.  This type of fence is available in wood and PVC. You can pick them up for approximately £18-£20 per panel.

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