How to cut in when painting


Not everyone can afford the services of a professional painter and decorator.  When using different colours, particularly bolder colours on walls, if the finish looks untidy, it can make the area look messy.

“Cutting in” is using a paint brush to paint the edges of a wall and ceiling, tops of skirting boards, corners and around electrical sockets, window and door frames.  Basically where a roller cannot reach.

You should always do your cutting in first, then paint the rest of the area with a roller or paint pad.

We recommend that you use a 1 or 2 inch paint brush to produce a sharp line at the edge of the area to be painted.  When painting corners, you should paint a two inch wide area either side of the corner so that the roller can cover the rest of the area either side of it.

To achieve a sharp edge:

  • Apply frog tape to the area
  • Load your brush a third of the tip
  • Apply the brush two inches away from the required edge
  • Spread the paint out carefully working your way up to the edge

Do the cutting in painting in one area then paint the rest of that area straight away. You should work with the cutting in and roller at the same time so that the area is painted together at the same time.

We found this great video that will help you.


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