How do I find a good builder

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How to find a good builder

When looking for a good builder it is imperative that you specifically look for reviews of the highly-rated builders in your area before you engage with their services.  So, how to find a good builder is a question that is quite easily answered if you follow some rules.  Avoiding cowboy builders can be made simple as long as you research each builder fully.  If you want to know how to check a builders credentials, read on.

How to select a builder

  1. Ask family, friends and/or work colleagues for recommendations about builders they have used.  Check whether they were a reliable builder, did they turn up on time, did the job take longer than expected, was there much snagging at the end of the job and most importantly, were they happy with the end result.
  2. Always look for reviews of any highly rated builders you choose.  Never only just rely on word of mouth recommendations as the builder could be a relative or close friend of the referrer and not worked directly on their property.
  3. If you are going in cold, meet with the builder yourself and never hire anyone that makes you feel uneasy.
  4. Check whether the builder is a member of a reputable trade association.
  5. Do not let salespeople pressure you, let your no mean no and your yes mean yes.
  6. Always get at least three estimates.
  7. Never pay cash in hand.  Always get quotes, receipts and invoices in writing.
  8. When work is agreed, get it in writing and ask for a warranty where you can.
  9. Never pay up until you are completely satisfied.
  10. Never use a builder who cold calls you or turns up outside your home unannounced.  This is a classic trick builders use to get you to use their services.  This is a good way of avoiding cowboy builders as reputable builders don’t usually turn up on peoples doorsteps trying to sell their services.
  11. Check the website and reviews of the highly rated builder.  Things to consider when choosing a builder: A good builder will have a website with the address of the builder clearly in the contacts section, their telephone number and email address.

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