How to find your penalty points

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How to find your penalty points

If you were given penalty points and/or a fine, these are not displayed on your photo card driving licence as I came to realise recently.

You will need this information to declare the penalty(s) points to your insurance company straight away and/or at the time of renewing, or taking out a new policy with another insurer.

Failing to declare this information is very important as it could affect you when you need to claim on your insurance.

You will need to give the relevant code and the date of the offence to the insurer.  The easiest way to find this information is to view your driving licence record online here.

  1. Click on View your driving licence record.
  2. Click start now button.
  3. Enter your driving licence number (this can be found on your photo card driving licence).
  4. Enter your national insurance number.
  5. Enter your Post Code.
  6. Click “I Agree”
  7. Now you can see:
    • Your full details.
    • The vehicles you can drive.
    • Your penalties and disqualifications.
    • Get a licence check code.  You can get a code to share your driving licence information with a third party like a car hire company or your employer.  The code is valid for 21 days.


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