What is the best garden furniture

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What is the best garden furniture

Spring is a beautiful time of year and it usually brings thoughts of upgrading your outside space.  Maybe you need to buy a new BBQ, new garden furniture or some glamorous festoon lights to brighten up the space.

Waiting until Summer to buy that longed for table and chairs, recliner or BBQ is a bad move.  Prices will be much higher because everyone else will be doing the same thing.

If you have never had an outside space, how do you know what is the best furniture to buy?  This is where we come in.

Here is a run down of what to expect with each type:


Teak looks absolutely stunning when it is oiled regularly.  If it isn’t looked after properly it can turn silvery grey.  The pros of this kind of furniture is that it looks absolutely beautiful. The cons are that it will need regular maintenance. You can wash it lightly with warm soapy water and you would need to oil it at least twice a year.  Our advice, if you don’t have the time to look after it, don’t buy it.


Hardwood is similar to teak (it will change colour if not looked after).  It can be washed down with soapy water and will be given two coats of oil at least twice a year. Our advice, if you don’t have time to look after it, don’t buy it.


Theres no denying it, plastic comes up clean after a good wipe over.  Granted some pieces can look quite “cheap” but it comes in a variety of colours these days and again, it is easy to clean.  If you are busy person, this could be right up your street.  This product is foldable so it can be stored easily in winter months in the shed, it can be used at Christmas as an extra table and/or chairs for guests or even take it camping.


Rattan is UV and weather resistant so it pretty much looks after itself.  The frame is usually made of aluminium so you would need to keep the exposed metal parts maintained by applying exterior metal paint at least once a year. If you find any rust, using steel wool, remove the rust then apply an exterior paint.  You can then apply wax to give it more protection from the elements.  We found some great loungers to complement your garden.

MetalMetal furniture can be washed with soapy water or a pressure washer on a low setting.  Be careful though if it has a glass or fragile table top.  To prevent it rusting, you can use steelwool to remove any rust then apply an exterior paint.  You can then apply wax to give it more protection from the elements.