Top ten outdoor garden festoon lights 2019

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Top ten outdoor garden festoon lights 2019

When having a garden party or simple BBQ this Summer, investing in some festoon lights together with a decent music system, can give an event a warm, inviting and elegant feel.

Festoon lighting comes in many forms.  Known globally as party lights or café lights, they are widely available in different styles, shapes and sizes.  Traditionally they are big bulb garland lights in either multi coloured or warm whites.

We have chosen some of the most elegant, robust and beautiful lights currently on the market to glam up your space.  All of these lights can be used indoors and outdoors.

1. Waterproof Festoon Lights (click here to view on Amazon)

Durable, Reliable, and Versatile, these lights are waterproof and can be used in rain and snow.  Perfect to use in a tent, on rooftops, garages and gardens.  Nickel plated bases prevent corrosion to improve connectivity and keep bulbs bright.  Plug strings together using end-to-end connectors.  If one light goes out, the rest stay lit. Removable bulbs provide flexibility for easy replacement and customisable designs.   Create a tranquil or natural mood as light shines from a visible filament.  Easy installation.  Once strand is secured, screw bulbs into empty sockets. In case of windy conditions, install strands far apart enough so bulbs don’t collide.  For one-person or high installations, secure each end of strand securely, one by one.  To prevent bulbs from breaking upon impact, move strands slowly during installation.  To purchase the extension lead for this model, click here to view on Amazon.

2. LED Festoon Globe Party Lights (click here to view on Amazon)

These brilliant festoon globe party lights are perfect for creating a party atmosphere, whatever the occasion.  From summer BBQ parties to Christmas, you can enjoy these lights both inside and outside your home.  These lights are 33ft/10m long with 100 energy saving LEDs.  The colours literally pop to give a fun look to your garden/patio area or inside your home.  They can even be used on your Christmas tree.  This model has 8 different lighting modes and comes with a power adapter.

3. Remote Control Festoon Globe Fairy Lights (click here to view on Amazon)

Beautiful bulb shaped design provide a soft light with each bulb 19mm in diameter.  Two control types, equipped with IR 13 keys remote control that you can use it to change different lighting effects, setting the time (6 hours on and 18 hours off or you can stop the timing function by press the timer key).  You can also adjust the brightness of light. Another way to control the light is to press the button on the battery case, you can only change the lighting effects and turn on/off the light.  It has 8 lighting effects, including combination, in wave, sequential, slo glo, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash, steady on, meeting your various needs and bringing you a variety of visual enjoyment.  Perfect for Christmas, your dining room, bedroom, bar, club, garden and wedding venues.

4. Heofean Festoon String Lights (click here to view on Amazon)

Create a fantastic setting with these G40 patio lights that cast a warm white glow.  They can be suspended under  a tent, patio, awning or umbrella.  The discreet wiring blends in perfectly with trees and bushes.  Drape them on trees or in entryways.  These lights are perfect for weddings, birthday parties, Christmas and other gatherings.  These are ideal for adding a cozy atmosphere, or a charming and festive accent, to a casual evening under the stars.  Fireproof and electric isolated with high quality wiring and built-in fuse for safety.  Convenient and easy to setup the connection from point to point according to user’s need.  The string light is connected in a parallel which prevents one failed bulb from influencing the other bulbs.  Even with broken or removed bulbs, remaining bulbs will continue to light up.  If one bulb goes out, you simply replace it.  This comes with a waterproof connector, each strand of 25 globe lights string has end-to-end connections so you can attach up to 3 strands to cover large areas.  Total Length: 25 feet.  Bulb Spacing: 12 inches.  Lead Length (on both ends): 6 inches.  The run: 7W per bulb.  Easy installation: The strand has 25 bulbs with E12 base and extends about 25 feet.  Each bulb has a clip on the side which makes it easy to attach it to a branch or a nail. To purchase the extension lead for this model, click here to view on Amazon.

5. Outdoor Retro Festoon Lights (click here to view on Amazon)

Beautifully chic festoon light, perfect for a classy event, garden party or Christmas gathering.  Create a fantastic environment by suspending them under a tent, patio, awning or umbrella.  The discreet wiring blends in perfectly with trees and bushes.  Drape them on trees or in entryways.

Easy Installation: The strand has 25 bright G40 light bulbs that illuminate independently so broken or moved bulbs do not impact the light and the wiring extends to approximately 25 feet.  Simply clip in place onto trees, picket fences or stair railings using the clips on each socket.  These garden festoon lights are designed with end-to-end connections which means that you can connect 7 strands (at most) to cover a large area.  With a rating of IP 44, lights can be used in the garden or other outdoor space when the weather is rainy or sunny.

6. LED Chinese Lantern Connectable Lights (click here to view on Amazon)

Perfect for al fresco weddings or garden parties, these large lanterns look gorgeous from day to night.  Each of the 10 white nylon lanterns measure H13cm x D15cm and houses two warm white LED bulbs that radiate a soft golden hue.  The lanterns are daintily strung along 4m of discreet clear cable and look gorgeous zig-zagged high to create a lantern canopy.  Should you need a longer length, these clever lights are extendable so you can power up to 5 sets from just one socket.  Each set has a male and a female connector built in, so just daisy chain together.  You’ll receive a transformer (plug) in each pack which has a handy 3m lead cable for those hard to reach sockets.  Some assembly is required for the lanterns but it’s easy we promise!

7. Elegant and robust LED Festoon Lights (click here to view on Amazon)

A beautiful traditional design makes these add an elegant feel to any indoor/outdoor area of your home.  If you are looking for a set of lights that can withstand all year round weather conditions, these are a must.  These lights are not only beautiful, they are Weathproof Commercial Grade Lights, designed to withstand the wear and tear of year-round outdoor use. These lights are made with heavy duty wire and special waterproof sockets that form a deep seal around the bulb which keeps water and/or rain out.  IP65 weatherproof level, industry leading 18-gauge wiring that would be durable enough to withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures through summer and winter.  Super Energy Saving.  Stand 49ft, 15 E27 Sockets with 15 1.5W S14 LED Edison Filament Bulbs.  Less power consumption than tradition incandescent bulb or halogen bulbs, set 3 feet apart. Connect up to 30 strands end to end, save effort and maintenance costs on changing bulbs frequently.  To purchase the extension lead to this model, click here to view on Amazon.

8. Vintage Glass Jar LED Fairy Festoon Lights (click here to view on Amazon)

These jar lights are beautifully crafted to a high standard with small cork stopper in the top of each glass jar.  These can be used in any room around your house or covered outdoor space.  Staying cool to the touch, they are perfectly safe around children, pets, fabrics and furnishings.  They are battery powered making them super safe for children as there is no mains plug.  The clear cable means these lights will blend easily with any surroundings. The garland has been hand made to ensure premium quality and makes a lovely gift for friends or family.  The model contains 16 glass jars of two sizes (5cm and 4cm) and each jar has a warm white LED light inside.  It has an on/off/timer (automatic 6 hour timer) and the lights are static.  They use 3 x AA batteries (not included).

9. Solar Powered Teardrop Lights (click here to view on Amazon)

Traditional styled tear drop shaped garden lights with white LEDs on a versatile light string.  With a generous 4.8m of illumination, these beautiful lights can be used for making a festive light feature or a fun party atmosphere in your outside space.  These decorative lights add instant cheer to your garden adding magical light to patios and more.  Features 20 lights on a 4.8m string.  Perfect for those cool summer evenings.  Solar LED string lights are solar powered LED lamp composed by a number of decorative lights. The use of efficient lighting solar panels can convert solar energy into electrical energy.  Unique lamps light-control technology to ensure automatic charging during the day (when lit), and in the evening (low light) turn on automatically. Additionally, this model has easy installation, waterproof sunscreen and other characteristics.  Comes with 1 Solar panel: 2V / 100MA, 2 NiMH batteries: 1.2V 600MA * 1, 4-8 hours of discharge: 8-20 hours, 20 LED Teardrop Mixed Color Solar String, diameter 5MM LED solar energy.  Settings include On/off/Flash (twinkle effect).  Distance between the lamps is 0.165M.

10. Solar Powered Festoon Lights (click to view on Amazon)

These stunning lights add a warm and inviting feel to your outside space.  Bring some life to your garden with this beautiful set of 20 bulb festoon lights.  Comes with a solar panel with ground stake and a user manual.  Charging time: 6-8 hours, working time 8-12 hours.