How do I know what make of appliance to buy?

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How do I know what make of appliance to buy?

The simple answer to this is check the reviews for the products online. You can also ask people you know for recommendations on products and after sales service they have experience of.

After sales service:

The after sales service is the key.  The product may have a small issue once purchased, but if the company has a bad reputation and doesn’t handle complaints very well, you may well be throwing your money away.

When buying a washing machine for example, you can easily look up reviews from customers, but do these reviews show how long an appliance lasted?  Do they show whether or not they had to complain and how the issue was resolved?

Follow this guide:

  1. Type into google “complaints about [enter name of brand (i.e. Hotpoint, Beko etc.]”.
  2. Check the product on Amazon or if you are buying a kitchen appliance.  You don’t need to buy it from them, but they do usually have reviews on everything they sell.
  3. On each review, look out for the following:
  • How long did the appliance last?
  • What was the after sales service like?
  • Did they have to complain and how was the issue resolved?

Once you have reviewed:

After doing all of this, if you find that the reviews show the after sales service is terrible, do not buy the product from them.  It is that simple, regardless of whether it is more expensive elsewhere.  The saying goes, you get what you pay for.