How do I know what make of appliance to buy

How do I know what make of appliance to buy - Home Guide Expert

How do I know what make of appliance to buy

The simple answer to this is to check the reviews/feedback of the appliances you wish to purchase before you order them.  You can ask family and/or friends for their personal recommendations on products they have purchased because if a particular brand of product or appliance didn’t last that long, they would know.  So, how do I know what make of appliance to buy?

With our personal experience for the last 20 or so years, we have purchased numerous different brands of kitchen appliances.  Nine years ago we purchased a property where the previous owners left all their kitchen appliances together with the receipts of each one.  All the products were bought at the same time 10 years previously and we replaced all of the appliances around 3-4 years after we had moved in.  The brand of each appliance was Bosch.  To have durable appliances lasting that length of time persuaded us from that point on to invest in Bosch products and to date we have not been disappointed.

Having purchased all our kitchen appliances through and based on first-hand experience, we highly recommend them.

Follow this guide:

  1. Type into a google search “reviews about [enter name of product or brand]”.
  2. If the product is listed on Amazon or, you can find real customer reviews from people that have actually bought the product.
  3. On each review, look out for the following:
  • How long did the appliance last?
  • What was the after-sales service like?
  • Did they have to complain and how was the issue resolved?

Once you have reviewed:

After doing all of this, if you find that the reviews show the after-sales service is terrible, do not buy the product from that company.  It is that simple.  Regardless of whether it is more expensive elsewhere, the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

After-sales service:

Customer after-sales service is very important when deciding what make of appliance you wish to purchase.  How a retailer and each brand takes care of the consumer once a product is purchased is critical as you never know, you may have to report a fault, get it repaired or send it back.

We have a Bosch washing machine, fridge-freezer and tumble dryer and although I did encounter a small issue with the washing machine, Bosch dealt with the issue quickly and efficiently with minimum fuss and disruption.

in our view, whatever you do, don’t throw your money away buying from a brand that has a bad reputation or reviews.  Always check reviews of any product first before purchasing.

When buying a washing machine, for example, you can easily look up reviews from customers, but do these reviews show how long an appliance lasted?  Do they show whether or not they had to complain and how the issue was resolved by the retailer/manufacturer?

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