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How to find a good gardener

A good gardener will have years of experience and be more of an artist than a tradesman. Skilled gardeners will have all their own machinery, be equipped to remove all waste disposal, have public liability insurance and be a member of a trade association (although there are many of these).

Contact three gardeners.  At first contact you will need to give each gardener:

    • An approximate size of the garden and nature of work to be undertaken.
  • Advise whether there are any parking restrictions outside your property.
  • Advise whether there are any access restrictions to the area where the gardener will be working.
  • Whether your property has side access or would the gardener have to bring his tools through your house.

Each gardener may need to come to your property to give a more detailed quote if the works are more extensive.

Ask for the quotes in writing and make sure all works are included and are not estimates – you need a fixed price.

If however, you are looking for a gardener to keep your garden under control on a monthly basis, you may expect to pay around £15-£25 per person per hour. Gardeners that charge very little (under £10 per hour) are either new to the trade or could be potential “cowboys”.

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