How to choose the right lawnmower

How to Choose the right lawnmower - Home Guide Expert
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How to choose the right lawnmower

If you don’t have a lawnmower right now or maybe you are moving into a larger property with a garden and need one, this guide will help you choose the right lawnmower.

With so many different makes and models of lawnmowers, it can be quite daunting when trying to select the right one for your lawn.

Towards summer the prices of lawnmowers go up and with beautiful weather on the way, your thoughts may be turning towards your garden right now.  Its been another long winter and your lawn may be looking a little worse for wear.  There is a real “summers coming” feeling in our house which hopefully will last throughout this year!

Before you go online or head to your local store, follow our guide work out what type of lawnmower you need:

How large is your lawn?

If it’s a small area (around 5-10 feet), you should only need a smaller and maybe less powerful mower.  If buying an electric mower, do you have an outside electrical socket?  If not, you will need to make sure that the lead is suitable in length and if not, you will need to invest in a good extension lead.  If you have a larger lawn, you will need a mower with a little more power and possibly power-assisted.  If your lawn is more than twice the footprint of your own property, you definitely need a power-assisted mower run on either petrol or electric.  Anything larger than this, a ride on mower may be your best option.

What type of lawn do you have?

Most homes do not have flat lawns, they can be hilly or bumpy at one end or all over. Your lawn may be very small or very long (ours is 90 feet long) so when choosing the right one for yours can be tricky.  If you have a hilly lawn, you definitely need a power-assisted lawnmower.  These types of lawnmowers make light work of any steep incline.

Do you have much time?

If you have time constraints, have children that take up much of your time or you view mowing the lawn a chore, you may need a more powerful mower that can whizz through cutting your grass in a fraction of the time.  Again, power-assisted lawnmowers really make light work of this.

How strong are you?

Power-assisted models make light work of cutting the grass.  Traditional manual mowers are tougher but they can be exhausting to use, particularly if you are elderly.  If you go for a petrol self-propelled pull-start mower, these have two handles, one for keeping the engine running and the other to help the mower glide effortlessly across the lawn so you don’t actually have to push, you only need to guide it.  Purchasing this type of model is ideal for handling slopes, steep includes (hilly lawns) and manoeuvring around trees and bushes on the edges of your lawn.

Bosch AHM 38 G Manual Garden Lawn Mower
Robust traditional: Bosch AHM 38 G Manual Garden Lawn Mower

How tall are you?

Some mowers now have adjustable height handles.  This is perfect if you are under 5ft and over 6ft tall.  When you are looking to purchase any type of lawnmower, check the height of the handlebars.

How much space do you have to store it?

A garden shed is an ideal place to store a lawnmower, but what if you don’t have one?  When looking at lawnmowers, make sure you take down the measurements before purchasing one and check whether it will fit into the space you want to store it.  Some models have foldable handles to make storage easier.

4-Wheel Self Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower
4-Wheel Self Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower

Buy here

We bought one of these in 2012 and it is still mowing our lawn beautifully. The Honda HRG466SK is an upgraded version of the HRG 465 SD and embodies Honda’s acute attention to detail when it comes to design and craftsmanship, offering convenience and ease of use without sacrificing top-quality performance. This model is self-propelled, making it much easier to use than a push propelled mower, and ideal for maintaining medium to large gardens with uneven, undulating or sloping lawns. The HRG 466 SK has also been built to last and boasts a robust steel cutting deck offering a wide cutting width of 46cm, specially treated to resist corrosion, rust and UV abrasion for longer service life. Honda’s intelligent blade design, meanwhile, will save you money and reduce maintenance requirements; if the blade hits an obstacle, it will twist rather than break, making the HRG 466 SK more reliable and easier to service.

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