Summer Garden Hammock Guide

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Summer Garden Hammock Guide

Welcome to our summer garden hammock guide.

Garden hammocks are traditionally made of canvas and rope.  Now, these little garden gems come in a variety of styles and colours.  During early Spring and throughout the Summer you will find these on sale everywhere. If you purchase a well-made Hammock and you fall asleep in it, you shouldn’t have any aches and pains.

Our summer garden hammock guide

Hammock swing on a stand and cover

Hammock swing on stand

Freestanding hammock

Free standing hammock

Family hammock for several people

Family Hammock

Rocking hammock

Rocking hammock

Tree hammock

When setting up a tree hammock, never hang it too low.  Where you can, hang both ends at the same height.  Do not tie it too tight so that you try to make the hammock “flat”. Tying it too tight will also make it more narrow and uncomfortable.  A hammock is designed to curve.

tree hammock

White tree hammock

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