How to report council housing repairs

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How to report council housing repairs

How to report council housing repairs is a very straightforward process.

Your local council has an obligation to repair urgent issues that may arise in council-owned homes.  These issues may be causing an effect on a tenant’s health, security, or safety.

Your local council is responsible for ensuring your property is kept in good condition.  This includes the windows and roof, walls and ceilings.  The council will ensure that your gas and electricity appliances work safely and if your property needs repair, you should be given several weeks warning ahead of any work planned.  If issues arise in the shared part of a building or on your housing estate, you would need to contact your local council to report it.

Follow our guide:

  1. Take photographs or video evidence of any repairs that require attention.
  2. Click here to enter your postcode to find your local authority website.
  3. Once you are directed to your local authority website, you will be taken to a page where a contact number should be displayed.
  4. Call the number on your phone’s loudspeaker and use another device/phone/ipad/recording device to record the call.  Advise the person that you are recording the call for your records.
  5. Report the issue in as much detail as possible and explain the impact it is having on your home life.
  6. If the issue is making the property uninhabitable, advise them that they need to urgently put you up in a hotel until the issue is resolved.
  7. During the call, ask them to provide you with an email address to report the issue in writing.  At the end of the call, ask them to confirm the report in writing (either by email or letter) so that you have a record of when the repair was requested.
  8. Chase this every week until the repair has been carried out.

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