How to get rid of Ants

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How to get rid of Ants

Ants wake up from hibernation when the weather starts to warm up. When Spring arrives, you may start to notice some little ant soldiers venturing out and about in your home or garden in search of food for the colony.

Follow our guide:

  1. Identify where they are entering into your home, then see where they are heading to.
  2. Clean both of those areas and the path the ants were using between the two with a strong smelling cleaning fluid.
  3. Using resin bond and an applicator gun (for instructions click here) to fill the area where they are coming in.  You could use this opportunity to fill in any cracks and holes behind sinks and around pipes in the kitchen and throughout the property using this method to prevent any further little friends coming into your home.
  4. How you need to starve them!  Keep the surfaces and floors of your home free from food. There is a reason why they are coming into your house, so do not invite them in to eat.  Don’t leave dirty cups and dishes around, especially overnight.  Keep food sealed and stored in cupboards.  After your pet has finished eating, clean the bowl.
  5. Never try to squish the ants because they give off a smell that attracts other ants.

Resin Bond (click here to view on Amazon)

This is perfect to use in those hard to reach places where little insects and even bigger ones can get into your home.  Once it is applied, nothing will be able to get through any cracks or holes in your property.

Resin Bond Applicator (click here to view on Amazon)

Professional sealant gun with a hexagonal rod and re-enforced ring.  Works perfectly with resin bond tube (above).  For instructions on use click here.

Follow our guide to get rid of ants from your garden:

When dealing with an ant mound or hill, you need to use a product called Ant Gone.

  1. Spray the mound with Ant gone (directions on the bottle).
  2. Ants should die within minutes of being sprayed or walking over the product.
  3. Use it over a period of 3 days.
  4. No more ants!
Ant Gone (click to view on Amazon)

Ant gone is a fast acting insecticide with disinfectant for use against ants and other crawling insects.  Application can be made to both porous and non porous surfaces indoors and outdoors.  It also comes in a handy spray (click here to view on Amazon).

If your ant mound/hill is absolutely huge:

  1. Carefully remove the top off the mound using a shovel.
  2. Poured boiling water mixed with white vinegar over the mound.
  3. Dust the mound with talcum powder.
  4. No more ants!

Follow our guide to get rid of ants from around your tent whilst camping:

  1. Sprinkle a trail of talcum powder at the entrance of your tent.
  2. Ensure that no food is left directly outside your tent and any spillages are cleaned straight away (particularly anything that contains sugar).
  3. If you have a small tent and keep your kitchen area outside your tent or in an awning, purchase a foldable camping cupboard with a front zip to keep all your food insect free inside.
  4. Clean up after dinner and ensure rubbish bags are taken to an onsite bin (never leave them overnight outside your tent.

For some great camping products and ideas, click here.

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