What is the best BBQ to buy?

BBQ grill
BBQ Grill

When choosing the right BBQ for your outside space, there are so many options it is difficult to decide which is the best buy unless you can speak from experience.

Having used and owned various BBQ’s over the years, we can offer honest reviews and provide a complete guide to help you.

How to choose the right one:

Gas: click here to view on Amazon

If you like to cook straight away, this is the one for you.  Just turn the gas on and away you go.  These have great features, you can turn up the heat or let your food slow burn. The pros are that these are easy to clean with minimal mess. The cons are that you won’t have that smoky taste that comes with cooking over charcoal.

Cast Iron: click here to view on AmazonCast iron BBQ Aesthetically these are simply beautiful, extremely robust and this particular model won’t break the bank.  The pros are it is extremely heavy so it can’t get knocked over.  It will be ready for cooking in 30 minutes, it has an adjustable height system, it has an air vent so you can control the heat and it looks good! Food will have that lovely traditional smoky taste.  The cons, you need to unscrew the bottom to give is a good clean. For £25, we think it is a bargain!

Charcoal wagon and smoker: click here to view on Amazon

The pros are this little baby are that it will keep your food nice and warm and it has a perfect cooking height.  This wagon comes with side and front panels for dishes and utensils and it comes with the added bonus of being on wheels.  The cons, we couldn’t find any!

Build it yourself: click here to view on Amazon

We love this but you do need some skills to pull this off.  It comes with a BBQ and oven and once put together it has a perfect cooking height.  Pros are that it will keep your food warm, it has 3 adjustable grill heights to control cooking temperature and it is easy to clean.

Folding BBA/grill: click here to view on Amazon

If you are a camping enthusiast, you have a small outside space or you like to BBQ on the move this is for you.  We love this BBQ, will comfortably feed 4 people (you will be amazed how much food you can get on this).  The pros, it is extremely lightweight and it folds flat for easy storage and it is very easy to clean too!  The cons, it doesn’t come with a bag so we recommend you buy one.


Utensil kit: click here to view on Amazon

For £20 you can’t go wrong with this piece of kit.  You can now keep all of those large utensils in one clean and secure place.

Deluxe version: click here to view on Amazon

Delux accessories kit

Spend that little bit more and you can get all of this for £35.  The sturdy case will keep all those large utensils in one clean and secure place.

Blow Torch for lighting BBQ: click here to view on Amazon

Blow torch

We HIGHLY recommend this torch.  Not only is it quick and safe to use when lighting your BBQ or fire pit, for £20 it is an absolute bargain.

Smokeless coal: click here to view on Amazon

coalSmokeless coal is THE coal to use when having a BBQ.  The pros are it is considerably cheaper than other smokeless fuels and it is suitable for multi-fuel stoves and open fires.  Using this coal reduces the need to move your BBQ furthest away from the house.  it makes having your BBQ cooking closer to the house easier and less uncomfortable at £14 for a 20 Kilo Bag, this is a real bargain!


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