How do I improve my chances of selling my home?

Image of a house with a paintbrush
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You may already have placed your property on the market but no-one has made you an offer yet, you may need to improve your chances of selling your home.  Follow this step by step guide and you just can’t go wrong:

  1. Tidy up the front and back gardens.
  2. Tidy ALL the rooms inside.
  3. Clean the kitchens and bathrooms, paying particular attention to the sinks, taps, bath and toilets.  If any surfaces are damaged in the kitchen, look to replace them. Give cupboards/doors a new lease of life by painting (where possible) or replacing.  B&Q do a fantastic range of cupboard doors.  You can pick up Dulux paint from Homebase.
  4. Get rid of all your junk – rooms can look so much better and larger when clear of clutter.
  5. A neutral colour scheme will make the rooms appear light and spacious.
  6. Splash a little cash.  A coat of paint where it needs it and/or replace old carpets.  Stick with neutral colours (even with the carpets).  New carpets can be picked up quite cheaply these days.
  7. Make your property smell good before each visit from an estate agent and/or a prospective buyer.
  8. When the estate agent comes round, ask for their advice on ways to further improve the look and feel of your home.

Now hopefully you will get a buyer!