What essentials do I need for my home?

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What essentials do I need when buying my first home?

When buying your first home or live in any home, you could go crazy buying everything you think you will need if you have the funds.

We have all bought something that we thought we needed and never used it.

The most important essentials for any home are a fire blanket and fire extinguisher. You may not think that you will need either of these, but they may make the difference of being able to minimise damage to your home in the event of a fire.

It goes without saying, we all need a cooker, a fridge freezer and a bed but for first time buyers who may have lived with parents, where do you buy these things and how do you know if they are of good quality?

The costs associated with buying appliances and everything else that goes with it can be quite costly.

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We have compiled a list of good quality (rated 4-5 stars), highly recommended must haves for your home:


Fire Blanket Broom Kitchen Scissors
Fire Extinguisher Dust Pan & Brush Cutlery
Chopping Board Dish Cloths Washing Up Liquid
Mop/Bucket Plunger Pots and pans
Appliances Utensils Hoover/Hoover bags
Can Opener Bottle Opener Iron
Ironing Board Sealable bags Tea towels
Sponge/Scourers Cleaning fluid Bleach
Gloves Bin Oven Glove
Sink/drain unblocker Tupperware Crockery


Lounge/Dining Room:

Sofa/Tables TV Lamp
Storage Carpet Cleaner Dining table/chairs



Hangers Bedding Furniture Set
Drawers Bed Frame Mattress
Light bulbs Table Lamp Wall Mirror



Shower Curtain Toilet Brush Toilet cleaner
Toilet Tissue Towels Mirror
Cabinet Laundry basket



Smoke alarm Mat Rug
Safety Gate
Escape Ladder



Wooden Storage Shed Lawnmower Hedge cutter
Garden Furniture Grass Trimmer Shears and Secateur Set