What are the benefits of Aloe Vera

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It truly is a miracle plant and every home should have one.  Just look at what it contains:

Aloe Vera Capsules
Aloe Vera Capsules

Chinese herbalists and herbal medicines all over the world use this product but you can get some of the best benefits by either buying the plant yourself at a fraction of the cost or purchasing capsules.

The gel of this plant contains a carbohydrate known as acemannan.  This allows nutrients to reach the cells which nourishes them and relieves them of toxins.

If you are pregnant or taking other medicines, you should seek the advice of your GP before consuming.

Vegan Aloe Vera Capsules
Vegan Aloe Vera Capsules

How to take it

  • Apply the gel directly to your skin, you will straight away notice how much it cools it down
  • Apply the gel directly onto a scold or burn after running the injury under cold water for 20 minutes
  • Apply the gel directly onto a heat rash, you will quickly notice the skin become less bumpy
  • Strip the leave, cut into small pieces and eat raw
  • Blend with cold water and a couple of ice cubes and drink
  • Blend with a NutriBullet and combine other fruits and vegetables to manipulate its bitter taste

    How to stock up your natural medicine cabinet:

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    Aloe Vera Essential Oils
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