Elf gifts for all the family

Girl Elf

We love a bit of Christmas, especially elves! We found these lovely little Christmas gems online.

Has your child been a good boy/good girl this year? 

Reward them with this charming and thoughtful fun Christmas rewards kit.  Perfect for building up anticipation while encouraging good behaviour.  Boy or girl kit is available below from Amazon!



This adorable plush elf boy from the Portable North Pole is absolutely stunning.

It includes a personalised video message from Santa and his elves, a passport and stickers too!  A perfect and engaging way to teach a child about the spirit of Christmas.

This is a complete set with everything needed to explain to your child in lyrical verse how a scout elf can be invited to their birthday party.

They fill out the elf invitation and you surprise them on the big day by setting out objects as though put in place by the elf which you have hidden.

This soft and cuddly plush reindeer comes with a personalised video message from Santa and his Elves. 

He has been lovingly made so that he is safe for all ages.


Add to the magic of Christmas by placing these pack of three naughty little elves around the house on Christmas Eve!  Dressed in white and red striped clothes like Santa’s little helper, keep them out of mischief and place them in hard to reach places or you can place them around the house in crazy positions and places!


This elf swing makes for a fantastic prop for your naughty Elves.

They will have great fun swinging around when they think nobody is watching… This is part of a VIP Accessory Range on Amazon!

An elf patterned sleeping bag is just too cute! 

Make sure your elves stay cosy this winter with this patterned elf sleeping bag.  An essential accessory which can be used to help create funny elf scenes this festive period – kids will love it!

Naughty elf scene stickers to stick on your walls or skirting board to give you a perfect place for your elves to live! 

Simply peel and stick the stickers to a wall or skirting board.  Stickers are easily removable and won’t leave any sticky residue.

This beautifully made personalised box is the perfect place to keep your elves until next year or place some very special gifts inside for your loved one for Christmas morning.