How to maintain your washing machine

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How to maintain your washing machine

We received a visit from Andrew Crush (Engineer) from Bosch to repair our washing machine.  We couldn’t open the filter system at the front of the machine because there seemed to be some kind of blockage behind it.  The issue was that a few screws had been left in a jacket pocket and I hadn’t removed them before putting them in the wash!  The screws had lodged firmly behind it and we couldn’t open the filter at the front of the machine.

Andrew repaired the machine and showed us what was behind it.  Quite a lot of debris including the pesky screws, a few hair clips and a couple of hair bobbles!  Andrew advised us that the callout could have been prevented, so we asked him what we could do to prevent further engineer call outs.

The answers were surprisingly simple!

The main causes of blockages to the filter system which stops the machine from draining water are:

  • Collar stiffeners (most popular item found)
  • Coins
  • Hair grips
  • Screws
  • Nails
  • Small tool bits

Andrew told us that a two pence coin is exactly the same size as the drain pumps entrance. If the coin flips to a position that completely covers the drain pump entrance, you will need to call an engineer to remove it.

Follow this simple guide to help maintain your washing machine:

  1. Empty those pockets before placing items in the machine!
  2. Remove collar stiffeners from shirts and broaches from blouses or jackets.
  3. If you prefer to use liquid detergent instead of powder, bacteria can grow inside the drum when washing at low temperatures, so it is imperative to give it a good clean.  In order to keep it clean, put your machine through a 90 degree wash every three months with no washing inside or any products.  Alternatively, if your machine has a drum clean option, use that instead every three months.
  4. Regularly clean the drawer (at least every fortnight) to help reduce the amount of black mould that will build up when using liquid detergent and softeners.  Empty the machine and using a little bleach and a sponge scourer, scrub the mould away and fill the drawer with a little straight bleach.  Run a short cycle.  Then once that cycle has completed, run a further cycle with no detergent in the drawer.  That should flush out any bleach that is left.  To be on the safe side, your next wash should be a whites wash so that any dark clothing is not bleached.
  5. Use a washing machine descaler every six months.  Once you have used the descaler, put the machine through a 90-degree wash with no detergent or washing inside the machine.
  6. Leave the drum empty and the door open after use.
  7. Check the filter once a month, remove any debris which will help to prevent more serious blockages.
  8. Following these steps will prolong the life of your washing machine.

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Washing Machine Descaler (click to view)

Image of a pack of washing machine descalers
Washing Machine Descaler

This product removes limescale quickly and effectively.  In hard water areas, washing machines should be descaled every six months and dishwashers once a year.

This video shows you exactly how to clear your washing machines filter: