What is artificial grass?

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What is artificial grass?

It is grass or turf made of synthetic fibers mainly polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and Nylon.

If you are thinking of having your lawn replaced with this, you can ask your contractor for a free sample first before you commit to buy.

Don’t forget to ask your contractor the following:

  1. The total cost including a break down of everything.
  2. Is there a delivery charge.
  3. How long will it take.
  4. Can I see a portfolio of recently completed jobs.
  5. Can I see some reviews of your service.
  6. Does it come with a guarantee or warranty.
  7. If you don’t have side access, how will they protect your home as they are bringing it through.

Which type is best to use for your garden?


30mm artificial grass is the best for home use.  Click here to view on Amazon.

How is it installed?:

  1. The area is dug up and levelled.
  2. An under layer is installed.
  3. A drainage system made of rubble or gravel is installed.
  4. A mixture of lava and/or rubber of at least 10cm deep is installed.
  5. Top layer of grass fibres are installed.

What are the different types:

Fully synthetic

Fully synthetic is used on sports fields or pitches.  It is made up of short fibres tightly packed together.


Sand-filled is used on hockey, football, golf and tennis grounds.  It comes in two options:

  1. Grass fibres packed with sand dressing which gives a greener and more lush appearance.

2. Grass fibres filled with sand evenly distributed (not packed so tightly) – this gives it a higher degree of stability.


Sand-rubber is used on American football, rugby and football fields.  It has longer fibres (to hold the filler firmly), it has more shock absorption, and technically it is better for sport activities.

Will it have puddles after installation

No if it is installed correctly.  Holes are punched into the grass cover to ensure that water can drain easily so you shouldn’t get any puddles.

Will the fibres flatten after long term use

No.  It has a memory so it will retain its original shape.

Will it discolour over time in the sun

No.  It is equipped with a protection system that protects from fading.

How long will it last

Approximately 10 years, then you may need to get the top layer replaced.

Can animals damage it

No.  Keep it hoovered and all should be fine.

What are the different height sizes

  • Short piles are between 10mm and 25mm.
  • Longer piles are between 40mm and 65mm.

How to prevent odours

You can use a very mild detergent mixed with water and hose it down.