How to remove tent pegs from the ground

How to remove tent pegs from the ground - Home Guide Expert

How to remove tent pegs from the ground

After a long or short camping trip in dry conditions, you may find trying to remove your tent pegs a little difficult.  So, how to remove tent pegs from the ground?

When it rains when you camp, removing tent pegs can be quite a quick and simple process, but how to remove them when they are completely stuck after a very long dry spell?

You can actually remove them with your bare hands following a few taps of a rubber mallet to get them out with ease in all weather conditions.

Picture of a Rubber Mallet
Rubber Mallet (click to view on Amazon)

If however you have driven the peg into the ground completely and cannot tap the sides of the top of the peg, pour some water over the peg, leave for two minutes, then using a Tent peg extractor, lift the tent out slightly, then follow the video below.

Tent Peg Extractor (click to view on Amazon)

Watch the video below of our recent camping trip during the heatwave last week to see how easy it really is:

The Home Guide Expert would like to thank Gary John Bassi for this great tip as it helped us out on our last camping trip.  If you have any more tips, please email here, we will try them out and link you back to the tip!

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