How do you get your whites whiter?

Whiter whites
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We have tried and tested many different formulas and we believe that we have found an excellent one for keeping your whites whiter.

Unfortunately, it does involve using a little bleach, but the beauty of this formula is that you only need to do it once a month.  The added bonus is that it cleans your washing machine at the same time!

Of course, everyone has their own method, but give ours a go and let us know how you got on.  When using any product, please ensure that you read the labels of each product before use.

You will need:

Method (ensure you do this in a well ventilated room):

  1. Boil two kettles of water
  2. Carefully pour water into the bucket
  3. Add half a cup of Napisan
  4. Add quarter of a cup of household bleach
  5. Add half a cup of Vanish Whites (liquid or powder)
  6. The mixture will then start to bubble and rise
  7. Quickly place an item of clothing into the bucket, then give it a stir, then add another item, give it stir etc, etc
  8. Keep repeating this until the last item has been placed in the bucket but ensure that the items are all submerged under the water
  9. Place the bucket in an area out of the way (away from children and animals) and leave overnight
  10. The following morning, carefully place the clothes and the formula that the clothes were soaked in straight into your washing machine (you should pour some of the formula into the drawer compartment and the rest, straight into the drum)
  11. Set the machine to a whites wash cycle of around 60 degrees
  12. Once the cycle has completed, repeat again, this time adding your normal washing powder/liquid/softener etc.
  13. Voila!  Beautiful white washing.