Can I live on a campsite?

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Can I live on a campsite?

Right now, most campsites are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, once the lockdown is over, yes you can!

Many people can now no longer afford to rent or buy near the capital and are turning towards campsite living Monday to Friday.

Town dwellers have had enough of paying extortionate amounts of money buying property in areas such as London and have found a niche way of living the simpler life…by commuting into work from campsites during the week.

As strange as this sounds, many people now do this.  Popular London/Essex based campsites such as Debden House, Lee Valley and Waldegrave holiday park in Mersea have seen a change in their regular customers.

Computers have basically had enough and are descending on campsites during the week. Who would blame them?

It must be sheer hell in the winter months and pure heaven in the Summer, but surely it’s worth a go!

We are currently working with a few very well known camping essential brands to review their products.  The items listed below have been tried and tested by us and we highly recommend them.

Here is a handy guide of tried and tested camping essentials:

Tent Sleeping Bag
Ground Sheet Carpet
Double Air Bedand Pump Toilet
Toilet or Storage Tent Camping Stove and Grill
Electrical Cooler box Cooler box
Table and Bench Set Chairs
Cookware Set Plates, bowls and cutlery
Picnic Backpack Battery Operated Lights
Flashlights Portable folding BBQ
Firelighters BBQ coal
Storage Trunk Camping lights
Wellies Rain Coat


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