How to get a good nights sleep when camping

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We have camped for many years and we desperately needed to find a better way of getting a good nights sleep.  A family friend recommended we try camp beds.  Whilst the online camping sales are currently in full swing, we did our research and decided to buy camp beds.

We bought three single camp beds as they are much easier to transport.  We placed a double airbed over two of them placed side by side to make a double bed.  We placed a single airbed over the other.  Each bed was so simple to put up, very sturdy and they did not take up too much room in the car.

Although we were initially concerned that the low price of the camp beds would reflect poor quality, we were not disappointed when we slept soundly on them for 5 days.  The airbed/camp bed combination was the most comfortable sleeping experience we have ever had whilst camping.

The camp beds were so high off the floor we were able to put storage bags underneath and even our portable toilet fitted neatly underneath one of them.  This solution really kept the tent clutter free.  We did not experience the cold normally associated with sleeping on airbeds so close to the floor.  In fact it felt more like sleeping in a real bed (obviously without the comfort of a mattress) but we genuinely didn’t notice much difference.  We all had a good night’s sleep, we felt very refreshed in the morning and could not quite believe we had finally found a fantastic sleeping combination.

We love the ease of assembly and disassembly of each bed and the fact that these can used at home for kids sleepovers or for the occasional guest staying over.

For the best experience, ensure you top up the beds every night just before you go to bed.  If you are not on an electric pitch, this can become a long process but there are manual airbed pumps you can take with you.

This year we also bought a lovely heater for the tent that warmed it up just before bed.  This is great if you have little ones with you as it helps them get off to sleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow.

We bought the products below but you can always shop around to find a product to suit you: