How to store your childrens memories without storage boxes


How to store your children’s memories without storage boxes

As a mother of a child who loves to draw and generate lots of artwork/paperwork, it breaks my heart to throw it away.

All those little “I love you Mum” notes, the drawings of family members, the artwork that comes back at the end of term in carrier bags, how do you keep it all?  How do you keep a record of when that first tooth fell out?  How many keepsake books or boxes do you have and do you have enough space for it all?

Image Home Guide Expert
Image Home Guide Expert

The year our daughter was conceived, I kept a handwritten diary of how I felt every day, from when she first kicked to the day she was born and sometime after.  I kept a diary for two years so that when she was old enough to read and understand, I would give it to her to look back on that special time in her life.

When our daughter was two months old, I decided to generate an email address for her because paper ages over time and photographs can fade once printed.  I also kept forgetting to handwrite in her diary every day because I was so shattered.  I needed a quick and simple way to keep a record of her life for her to look back on.

I chose Gmail because it has good security.  Every time something of importance happened in our lives, I would take a photograph and write a little note and email it to her.  I then encouraged family and friends to write her little emails or send invitations to parties etc.

Now I use it for every artwork she generates, every event we attend and invitations for every party she is invited to.  I just take a photo and email it to her on my iPhone.

Image Home Guide Expert
Image Home Guide Expert

It’s then in date order so that she can see what she was doing at each stage of her life. Now I don’t feel bad when I have to throw paperwork away once every few months.  My loft is clear, her room is not cluttered and it feels good! Even the date that each of her teeth fell out along with a photograph of the tooth is recorded in all its glory for her to see in later years!

We only have one child, but having two or more children and all that paperwork/storage boxes would drive us insane.  This completely free storage solution has worked for us for many years.

I have to admit that we do keep some of her school books (one or two from each year).  It would be madness to keep them all, so in the loft, we have two storage boxes for her that contain her first outfit/shoes, her red medical book, her blanket that she came home with from the hospital etc.  This works for us because there is still plenty of space to keep adding to it over the years. Now you can clear out your loft, drawers and cupboards of your home and still keep a record of those precious drawings and your children’s progress throughout their early years.

We even keep the funny notes too!

Image Home Guide Expert
Image Home Guide Expert

Let us know how this solution worked for you.


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