What are the benefits of eating Lemons

What are the benefits of eating lemons
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What are the benefits of eating Lemons

Eating lemons are safe as long as you rinse your mouth with water after eating or sucking on them.  This is because they contain an acid that can corrode tooth enamel.

If you are pregnant, taking other medicines, suffer from bladder problems, heartburn, a citrus allergy or kidney problems you should seek the advice of your GP before consuming.  If you are asthmatic you should not eat the seeds because they contain traces of salicylic acid (the main ingredient in aspirin).

Lemons have natural antibiotic properties.  They are widely known to be used to eliminate bacteria which is why you usually find them in household products.  They contain Vitamin P which strengthens blood vessels and can prevent internal haemorrhage.

What are the benefits of eating lemons
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Lemons contain:

Lemons deodorises the breath, boosts your immune system and they stimulate the liver to produce bile.  Bile is an essential fat emulsifier stored in the gallbladder. They are also known to help alkalise your body. Once they are metabolized in your body they do not create acidity.

Lemons are the backbone of most cold and flu medicines.  Click here to find our natural cure.

If the thought of eating lemons makes you feel a little queasy, you can always add them to a glass of cold water by slicing or squeezing them.  You could kick start your day by boiling the kettle, adding hot water and a slice or squeeze of a lemon instead of a cup of coffee or tea.

One medium-sized, whole lemon contains just 24 calories and no fat!

How to take it:

  • Lemons can be used as part of a healthy salad dressing
  • Squeezed over pancakes for a dessert
  • Sliced or squeezed into a cup of hot water
  • Sliced or squeezed into a cup of hot water and mixed with pineapple juice and manuka honey
  • Peeled and eaten raw (ensure you drink water directly afterwards to rinse your mouth)

Lemon balm capsules are a safe and natural way to enhance relaxation for a healthy nights sleep and they can also be used for mild stomach discomfort.

Lemon Balm Capsules
Lemon Balm Capsules

Lemon Tea could also be a healthy alternative to your normal cuppa in the morning.

How to stock up your natural medicine cabinet:

Lemons Asafoetida
Turmeric Oranges
Curcumin Beetroot
Onions Garlic
Aloe Vera Essential Oils
Pineapple Manuka Honey
Coconut Oil