What are the benefits of Asafoetida

What are the benefits of Asafoetida - Home Guide Expert
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What are the benefits of Asafoetida

Asafoetida is a natural remedy that has been used by our family for years for medicinal purposes.  It doesn’t taste very nice when you take it (it is very bitter) but it genuinely does help alleviate many health problems.  Our family use it to relieve breathing problems normally associated with asthma.  So, what are the benefits of Asafoetida?

It is a natural spice that you can flavour food, pickle vegetables with and is normally used alongside turmeric.  It is a spice more widely known for use in Indian cuisine, particularly with lentil curries and dal.

If you are pregnant or taking other medicines, you should seek the advice of your GP before consuming them.

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Asafoetida can be used to relieve breathing problems and to use as a cough or cold remedy.

Asafoetida has many other uses

  • It helps with indigestion
  • It’s a natural anti-inflammatory
  • It helps with stomach problems
  • It helps to alleviate intestinal gas
  • It helps to alleviate flatulence
  • It helps to alleviate irritable bowel syndrome
  • It helps to alleviate menstrual cramps
  • It can increase your libido by enhancing blood flow
  • It helps to release phlegm and relieve chest congestion
  • It helps to cure a dry cough and bronchitis if mixed with honey, ginger and pineapple juice
  • It can help alleviate symptoms of asthma and bronchitis
  • It helps alleviate symptoms of whooping cough

How to take it

In a cup of boiled water add 1 teaspoon, leave for 10 minutes then drink.

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