How to get a good night’s sleep

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How to get a good night’s sleep

The majority of people say that the reason why they don’t get a good night’s sleep is because of worrying about work, family members, debt and finances.  Nothing should come between you and a good night’s sleep.  So how to get a good night’s sleep?

Here are our 10 top tips below:

  1. When you get home from work, after you’ve had your dinner or put the kids to bed, check out the worry tree.  Once you’ve looked at this, give yourself 10 minutes to think about ALL of your worries.  Make sure you only do this for 10 minutes.  Then put your worries to bed for the night.
  2. Drink your last cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, fizzy drink or alcohol no later than two hours before bedtime.  If you can, just drink a glass of water instead.
  3. Avoid eating a heavy meal in the evening.  They say eat breakfast like a king, a prince at lunch and in the evening like a pauper.  Eating a light dinner in the evening will not only help you sleep better, but it will make you feel lighter and ready to start the day in the morning.
  4. Avoid smoking for at least two hours before bed.
  5. Try not to have a nap during the day.
  6. Try to have a calm, relaxing environment around you at least one hour before bed.
  7. Keep your bedtime regular throughout the week.  Over tiredness can also be a contributing factor to a restless night’s sleep.
  8. Keep your bedroom clear of clutter and regularly hoover under your bed.
  9. Take a warm bath before bed.
  10. Exercise at least one hour a day.

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