Can I get free Cognitive Behaviour Therapy on the NHS?

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Having first hand experience of going through counselling and therapy, this article is meant to enlighten those who feel that there is a stigma attached to it.

Admitting that you feel a little broken to family and friends is only the first hurdle.  Once you accept it and deal with it, it can open your mind to how you really see the world and those around you.

Most of us have suffered loss, been treated badly by others and don’t know how to deal with it.  You may have an addiction that you just can’t shake.  You may feel depressed and do not understand why.  You may have family that do not support you as they should.

We recommend that EVERYONE should get help, no matter how small or trivial the matter seems.

Counselling and therapy is widely available on the NHS, although you will need to wait for a few weeks to a couple of months to be seen.  Once you are in the system, the help and support is absolutely amazing.


CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy) is a talking therapy that helps you to change the way you behave, think and understand how others behave around you.  It is mainly used to treat current problems and in some cases it can help you understand the past.  It is used to treat:

Although it cannot magically take your problems away, it can help you deal with them and how you interact with others that may be causing you problems.  It can also help with the following:

To get help, contact your GP.

For counselling, click here.