What are the benefits of eating Onions

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What are the benefits of eating onions

We all know the effects of cutting onions in preparation to adding them to food, but they are absolutely stuffed with healthy goodness when eaten raw.

Onions are known to help fight against disease, they help regulate blood sugar and heal infections in the body.  This is because they contain quercetin which is known to prevent cancer.  There are 11 different types of onions.

Onions have a high content of antioxidants and sulfur containing compounds, red and yellow onions are much richer in antioxidants than other types.  They are also a natural anti inflammatory and they have protective effects against bone deterioration and could even increase bone mass.

Onions are low in sodium and contain no fat.

Onion Capsules

Onions contain:

Vegan Onion Capsules

How to take it:

  • Apply the juice of an onion to a bee sting to reduce burning sensation
  • When putting on a pizza, part cook the pizza first then slice onions and add them to the pizza 5 minutes before you take it out of the oven
  • Chop up a quarter of an onion, add lettuce, tomato, cucumber, place in a bowl, add a sprinkle of salt, a dash of vinegar and some olive oil to make a delicious refreshing salad
  • If you’re brave enough, dice a quarter of an onion and eat raw
  • Half a cup of hot water, take a few slices of onion and leave in the cup for 10 minutes. Drain and drink the juice
  • Pickle them!  Cut half an onion, put in vinegar or lemon juice in a jar, add a sprinkle of salt and black pepper, leave over night in the fridge.  Eat with a salad for lunch or as a side dish to your evening meal
  • One to two capsules per day (always read the label)

How to combat the smell after eating it:

  1. Brush your teeth to remove any residue from your mouth.
  2. Chew on some mint flavoured chewing gum for an hour afterwards.

How to stock up your natural medicine cabinet:

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