How to find out more about my neighbourhood

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There are some great websites to help you find out more about where you live or where you will potentially live.

We have wheedled out the good ones to share with you.

Crime Rate by area:

To find out about the crime rate for your area click here.

  • Select crime map and enter your post code.
  • The site will tell you how many crimes were reported in this neighbourhood, where your nearest police station is located and an email address.

Properties for sale and rent:

For finding out how much properties are for sale or rent in your area click here.

Properties sold prices:

To find out how much a property was last sold for click here.

Nearest train stations and bus stops:

To find your nearest train station click here.

To find your nearest bus stop click here.

School catchment area:

To find your school catchment area click here.


To find just about anything else click here.