What modifications can I make to a listed building

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What modifications can I make to a listed building?

This all depends on what grade it has been given and the local authority of where the building is located.  Click here to find your local authority contact details.

A listed building cannot be demolished, altered or extended without prior special permission from the Local Authority and in some cases with more notable buildings, the central government agency.  Owners of listed buildings must repair and maintain them or may face criminal prosecution if they fail to do this or alter the building without consent.  If alterations and repairs are given consent, the owners will be given guidance on what materials or techniques should be adopted throughout the works.

There are three types of listed status for buildings in England and Wales.

  • Grade I buildings of exceptional interest.
  • Grade II*: particularly important buildings of more than special interest.
  • Grade II: buildings that are of special interest warranting every effort to preserve them.

A listed building or listed structure will be placed on one of the four lists maintained by:


Historic England


Historic Environment Scotland



Northern Ireland:

Northern Ireland Environment Agency