How To Make A Child Happy

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How To Make A Child Happy

Do you ever want to make your child happy?  Well follow these simple steps and you will be making your child rejoiceful!  So how to make a child happy?

First of all, you need to play with your child plenty a day otherwise your child will be lonely. However, if your child has siblings, then ignore this step.

Next, your child will need a supply of toys.  If not, buy or craft some toys.  Do this by typing in on the internet “how to make toys as a craft”.  If it doesn’t work then if you have paint at your house, then use it to paint something with your child.

Drawing can produce your child with skills to use at school or any other social club that includes drawing.

Each day you could provide your child with a snack when they get home from pre-school, nursery or school or secondary because they would be famished and grumpy to eat and would give you a giant amount of time to make dinner.

If you have a garden, you could do some gardening with your child or take them to the park on their bike, scooter or skateboard to play.

Homework can be boring but this simple step will make your child enjoy doing homework.  You could listen to a maths song by typing on the internet “supermovers BBC” and you will find a selection of key stage 1 or key stage 2 videos.

Bedtimes should be different at the weekends because children can get frustrated when they have to go to bed early during the week.

If you give your child a packed lunch, you should try to give your child something different to eat each day so they get a surprise.  You can sometimes put a nice note in there too.

Without a doubt, children do not like getting shouted at because sometimes it can make them feel guilty.  By softly talking to your child instead of shouting can prevent children from feeling sad.

By Grace Henry, Age 10

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