How to deal with an insurance claim

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How to deal with an insurance claim

When making an initial call to your insurer, it is always ideal to have read your policy documents before you make the call.  It can be the difference between your claim being processed or being rejected at the outset.  By doing this, you can direct the insurer to the exact policy wording that confirms that you are covered for the incident.

Unfortunately, some call centres can at times advise callers that they are not covered but there is something you can do.

If you find yourself in this position, and you are not sure if you are covered, you need to look at your policy documents first and point out anything that appears to confirm that you are covered to your insurer.

One of our members found that when she originally called the claims line, she was inaccurately advised that she was not covered.  This only came to light once she contacted the Financial Ombudsman Service, and they upheld her complaint.

*Good tip: If you are claiming on your home insurance on a buy to let property, loss of rent should also be covered under your buildings insurance policy.  Again, always check your policy carefully before you make a call.

How to claim:

Loss or escape of water

Vehicle/Car Accident



Storm Damage

Tree Subsidence/Subsidence