How do I report a burglary

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How do I report a burglary

If you have been burgled, it is important to first remain calm.  In the first few moments of realising you have been burgled, you need to take immediate action.  So, how do I report a burglary?

If you are alone, call a family member or friend to be with you.

Follow our guide

  1. Do not touch anything – the Police may need to take fingerprints.
  2. Call the Police from somewhere safe.
  3. Ideally, place your phone on loudspeaker and ask a friend or family member to record the conversation.  This is to ensure that you have a record of the conversation as you may need it later.
  4. When the Police answer the telephone, let them know that you are recording the conversation before you continue with the call.
  5. Give as much detail as possible but never make assumptions.  If you do not know how the burglar got in or what they have taken, don’t guess.
  6. Ask the Police to give you a crime reference number (keep this safe as you will need it when making an insurance claim).
  7. If you have an external camera try to download any images/video footage to make available to the Police and/or to your insurer.
  8. When the Police arrive, direct them to any cameras that may have captured the burglary.
  9. Once the Police have left, call your home insurance provider straight away.  They will advise you whether you are covered for any repairs that you need to make to make your property secure.  Click here for a step by guide on how to report a burglary to your insurer.
  10. If this is not possible, you need to make your property secure for the night or find a contractor or friend/family member to help you make your property secure.
  11. Now you should check whether any debit or credit cards have been taken.  If they have, contact your bank or credit card to cancel to inform them of the situation.

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