How to find a childrens entertainer


How to find a Children’s Entertainer

When throwing a party for your child, getting the right entertainer should be a doddle if you know what you need and where to look.

Firstly you need an entertainer to suit the right age group.

1-2 Year Olds

If your little one is 1-2 years old, a baby sensory entertainer would be perfect or you could just throw a gathering in a soft play area and let the venue do the rest.


For children aged 3-4, party games can be a little difficult but are still do-able.  You could play pass the parcel or have messy play in the garden or in a church hall or maybe a trip to a theme park like Peppa Pig World. Home parties are quite popular for this age group so you could do the entertaining yourself with a little music, a small battery-operated Bubble Machine, a light effect and a few little party games like musical bumps or sleeping lions.


For children aged 5 and over, a mini or larger disco party is perfect.  Any age lower than that and you will be wasting the entertainer’s talent and your money.

So, where to look?

Netmums is a great place to start.  Click here, enter your postcode and a host of children’s entertainers are at your fingertips.  Under each entertainer listed, you can find real reviews about each service which is invaluable as a consumer.

You can also try UK Entertainers.  You don’t need to sign up, just head to the website, click on your area and a list of every type of entertainer is displayed.


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