How to work out how much gas I have used to help me switch


How to work out how much gas I have used to help me switch energy providers

When you decide to switch gas suppliers, ideally, you should know exactly how much energy you use before you make the leap.  Different suppliers charge different rates and some also have standing charges.

If you are not submitting regular monthly meter readings, this can prove difficult to ascertain exactly how much you have used throughout the year.  However, if you can find a meter reading you submitted exactly a year ago, you can use that to work out how much you have used as long as you have submitted a reading in the same month the following year.

Simply put, locate a meter reading you submitted a year ago for example (Jan 2022) and take your most recent reading (Jan 2023).  As long as the months are the same you can get an idea of your usage.

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You have 2 options:
First option:
  1. Subtract your current meter reading from your meter reading from the previous year (ie Jan 22: 57000 – Jan 23: 56000 = 1000).  You will use this figure later.

2. Determine which meter you have:

Image of Metric and Imperial Gas-Meters Image

3. Click here and select your meter type and enter units used (i.e. 1000 (as above)).

4. You will now be given your gas usage in kWh.

5. If you need to do this for electricity, you should contact your current electricity provider.  Ask them to give you amount you used in the past year.

6. Once you have your usage for gas and your electricity, you can now switch to another company with the exact amount of usage.

Second option:

Contact your gas provider and ask them how much energy you used within a year.

Then using a compare website, insert the usage then you will get a figure.