How to arrange replacement windows

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How to arrange replacement windows

How to arrange replacement windows is a very straight forward process.

When looking to replace the windows in your home, follow these simple rules and it should be a doddle.

  1. Decide on a style.  Take some time out, look at neighbouring properties to see what suits a similar house to yours.
  2. Once you have decided on a style, look for reviews of local companies online.
  3. Always check that the company has an address and a contact number on their website.
  4. Ask friends and family for recommendations, then follow up by checking for reviews online to make sure.
  5. Contact at least three to four companies.  All of them should come to your property to measure up and give you a rough quote.  Ensure you get the quote in writing.
  6. Ask the company whether they employ full-time staff or they outsource or sub-contract any of the works.  This is very important because if the company outsources or sub-contracts the work, the quality of work could vary with reviews of the company.  Always request that full-time staff are carrying out the works and if the company cannot guarantee it, go elsewhere.
  7. Check that the company is a member of Insured Windows Guarantee.  Once installed, your windows should come with a 10-year guarantee.  As a member, the company should have public liability insurance, will have been subject to a credit check and be fully vetted.
  8. Once you accept a quote, the company should then send a surveyor to measure up and confirm a final quote.
  9. The surveyor will arrive at your home, take final measurements and go over the styles requested.  You should expect to show him/her the windows/doors to be replaced and then leave him/her to do the measurements.  This could take up to an hour.
  10. You should then receive an email with specification sheets of the order based upon the survey details for your approval.  The report will confirm in writing exactly what is being supplied and/or fitted.  If you have already agreed a price and that has not changed, you should expect to pay up to 50% upfront and the remainder payable on completion. You should also be given a date in writing of when the works will be commenced and how long it should take (ensure you have this date and the expected duration of the works).

Follow our journey

The night before the windows arrived we cleared the area in front of the windows and covered them with dust sheets.

Cover your furniture
Cover your furniture

The following morning, the fitters arrived.

Window Fitters
Window Fitters

Here we show before and after photographs of each window fitted over a period of four days.  Each bay window took a complete day to install.  Both bays were supported with strong boys throughout each installation.


Living room bay supported by strong boys (
Living room bay supported by a hired metal strong boy
Living room bay window following installation
Living room bay window following installation
Front bedroom before window installation
Front bedroom before window installation
Front bedroom following installation
Front bedroom following installation
Bedroom prior to installation
Bedroom prior to installation
Bedroom following installation
Bedroom following installation

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