Schools funding in crisis situation

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Schools funding in crisis situation

Schools are still not being provided with adequate funding and resource to deliver the level of provision and support that is expected and that our families and children deserve.

This is a quote from Ms Beth Honnor, Headteacher at Marriotts School in Stevenage.

Ms Honnor outlined the concerns of Headteachers in relation to school funding that was put to the Secretary of State for Education three times since September 2018.  Headteachers have requested to meet with him but were told on 13th December 2018 by a junior civil servant that the Secretary of State and the Minister of State must decline their offer to meet.  He advised that their time was heavily pressurised and that their diaries need to be prioritised according to ministerial, parliamentary and constituency business.  Further correspondence was sent on 14th January 2019 and they received a further knock back from the department.

Ms Honnor advised “given the seriousness of the current school funding crisis and the impact upon schools, children and families, head teacher colleagues and I, believe that this approach is entirely ill-judged.

We are inclined to agree.

If we do not act now, the serious lack of funding for schools WILL affect the lives of our next generation. These are the people that actually matter to take our country forward in the years ahead. They will only be as good as the quality of education they receive.

What is more important right now?  Given the changes this country is about to face we need to invest in our next generation.

Please sign this petition to increase funding for schools: