Why you should study online

Why you should study online - Home Guide Expert
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Why you should study online

In areas of life, we are reminded to better ourselves from high school to college or college to university.  Later in life, we are encouraged at work with promises of promotions and career progression.  So, why you should study online?

There are always new skills to be learned through online study platforms like OneClassUsing this type of platform can stop you from getting overwhelmed and help you to keep up with your studies more efficiently.  Life commitments tend to build up as we age.  Finding the time to learn a new skill or to study for a new qualification can appear literally impossible and can often lead to choosing an easier route.

There is always room for self-improvement and progression and to help you financially along the way, you can earn while you share your class notes with other students on the OneClass platform.  Let’s face it we are an online dominated world and online studying has become much more accessible than ever.

When you study online it helps you to control the style and pace of your learning and gives you the flexibility to learn at a time that suits you.  In effect when you’ve got the time, you can study.  On the go, in the park, whilst waiting for a friend, studying online gives you that freedom to choose when you do it.  You can mix study with work so you don’t have to give up your part-time job and you have the resources at your fingertips to get the help you need.

Why should I study with OneClass

OneClass makes studying easier for over 150 million college students in the world.  The site has an incredibly extensive library of class notes, textbook notes, study guides, exam prep, video tutorials and homework solutions.  When you need to find something quickly, OneClass is the place to go to get quick and accurate answers.  On average 90% of students who sign up to OneClass get better grades.

Get paid whilst you study with OneClass

If you take quality notes in class, you can sign up and earn $470 per course to help other students by uploading your own quality notes on the platform!  Just submit an application on OneClass, complete a quick application and advise which classes you’d like to take notes for.  During your trial period, you can submit a sample of the notes from registered classes and receive gift card rewards.  You can then upload your notes weekly and make an impact for a student in need.

Find help with your homework on OneClass

If you get stuck with homework, you can search the OneClass database to find a verified solution to what you are looking for if you can’t find the answer on Google.  All solutions are peer-reviewed by subject experts so you never have to worry about its accuracy.

Exam Prep with OneClass

Over 2.2 million students use the OneClass platform for exam prep.  Students spend hours manually filtering through study resources.  With OneClass you can prep for your exam with ease and feel more confident when the times comes.