When can a child travel without a car seat?

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When can a child travel in a vehicle without a car seat?

A sensible parent would NEVER allow a child to travel without a car seat, however if it is in the case of an emergency, the law states that a child may travel on a rear seat of a car. The child must wear a seat below if they are 3 years and older, but they can travel without a seat belt if they are under 3.

Coach drivers and minibus drivers do not have to provide child car seats.  You must provide your own if you want to ensure your child’s safety.  When travelling in a minibus, the children must travel in rear seats behind the driver.  For children 3 years and over, they must use a child car seat.  If this is not available, the child should use the seat belt.

If travelling in a van, a child may travel on a rear seat only (the same rules apply for a car).

You cannot take children under 3 on an unexpected journey in a vehicle without the correct child car seat, unless its a licensed taxi or minicab or the child travels on a rear seat without a seat belt.

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