How to get on the Electoral Roll

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How to get on the Electoral Roll

The Electoral Roll Register (or Electoral Roll), lists the names of everyone who is registered to vote.

You should use the register to vote service to get on the electoral register and update your details whenever you change your name or address.

It is possible to register at two addresses, although you can only vote once in any election.  If you are a student with a different home and term-time address you may also be able to register at both properties.  You can also register anonymously if you are concerned about your safety.

To check whether you’re already on the register click here for England, Scotland and Wales.  If you live in Northern Ireland, click here.

If you are asked to register and fail to do so, you can be fined unless you are having a long stay in hospital or you have severe learning difficulties.

You can research local and family history on the historic versions of the electoral register by clicking here.

You will need

If you cannot find your National Insurance number you will need to explain why and send copies of identity documents through the post.  It could delay your name being placed on the register.

If you do not have a National Insurance Number, click here for guidance.

To register