What free services are available for the elderly on the NHS?

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Did you know that there are some free services available on the NHS for elderly people?

It can be really difficult juggling a busy work/life balance whilst taking care of an elderly relative.

If your parent(s) want to live an independent life, you can get help with a free occupational health assessment:

  1. Contact your local council.
  2. Ask to speak to the social services department.
  3. Request an occupational health assessment.
  4. The assessor will undertake an assessment of care needs.
  5. The report will then be passed to a screening manager.
  6. A social worker will be appointed to carry out a face to face assessment.

You may be offered the following free of charge following a financial assessment:

  • Bath lift (if elderly relative has problems getting into and out of the bath).
  • Stair lift (with a waiting time of approximately 12-18 months). You may be able to apply for a disability grant for this and would need to speak to your assessor.
  • Handrails throughout the property.
  • Commode.
  • Perching stool for kitchen area.
  • Care equipment.

If your elderly relative has recently had an operation or fall and was fully independent prior to the incident:

  • The person will be offered a free reablement service for six weeks.
  • The case will be reviewed after six weeks and moved to agency staff for any ongoing assistance.

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